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NataRaji Arts was established by Rajalakshmi Roshan in 2022 as an initiative to nurture and educate aspiring students in the divine musical instrument – The Veena. At NataRaji Arts, Classes will focus on training students in music theory, techniques, and nuances of playing the Veena while fostering creativity and love for the art. In addition to Veena, Our community wellness program offers yoga and meditation classes to help individuals maintain a healthy body, mind and soul in the busy modern world.
The group class size is kept small for both yoga and Veena to ensure each student is given individual attention.
All in-person classes are held in San Jose, CA.
Students are welcome to opt for virtual and/or hybrid classes when registering.

Latest events at NataRaji Arts

Veena Classes

The veena is the most ancient stringed instrument of India. It is one of the three principal musical instruments....

Yoga classes

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root 'yuj' meaning "to unite" or "to connect"...

2023 Registrations open!

Learn to play Veena no matter your age or skill level. Experience wellness through Yoga classes that focus on flexibility and stress reduction. no prior experience required. All ages and levels welcome!

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Veena lessons and wellness yoga classes for all ages and levels in San Jose, CA
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NataRaji Arts, San Jose, CA 95136

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+1 213-304-4799

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Registration Closed for 2023. The New Batch Will Reopen Starting in August 2024

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